Tales of Ravenloft (short stories collection)

The Crucible of Dr. Rudolph van RichtenDavid Wise
1.The Vanished OnesChet Williamson
2.The House of a hundred WindosMark Anthony
3.Song SnatcherElaine Cunningham
4.UndefiledJames M. Ward
5.The Briar at the WindowRoger E. Moore
6.NoctureAllen C. Kupfer
7.The WailingKate Novak
8.Von KharkovGene DeWeese
9.Sight and SoundD.J. Heinrich
10.The Judgment of abd-al-MamatJeff Grubb
11.The Rigor of the GameJames Lowder
12.Cold, Hard SilverJuanita Coulson
13.Objets d'ArtJ. Robert King
14.The FreakNick Pollotta
15.The Weaver's PrideElaine Bergstrom
16.The Glass ManWilliam W. Connors
17.Dark TystAndria Cardarelle
18.CaretakerP.N. Elrod
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