Title overview for the 18 novels

1.Vampire of the mistsChristie Golden
2.Knight of the black roseJames Lowder
3.Dance of the deadChristie Golden
4.Heart of midnightJ. Robert King
5.Tapestry of dark soulsElaine Bergstrom
6.Carnival of fearJ. Robert King
7.The enemy withinChristie Golden
8.MordenheimChet Williamson
9.Tower of DoomMark Anthony
10.Baroness of BloodElaine Bergstom
11.Death of a darklordLaurell K. Hamilton
12.Scholar of decayTanya Huff
13.King of the deadGene De Weese
14.To sleep with evilAndria Cardarelle
15.Lord of the necropolisGene De Weese

Sequel to Knight of the Black Rose (Lord Soth)

16.Spectre of the black roseJames Lowder
Voronica Whitney-Robinson

I, Strahd (sub-series)

17.The memoirs of a vampireP.N. Elrod
18.The war against AzalinP.N. Elrod

Aside from those novels, a short-story collection called "Tales of Ravenloft" was published. Some of the short stories are written by the same authors, some are by new ones. Some are prequels or sequels to certain novels.
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